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Spitfire Poly Media (Pty) Ltd Offer 5 great website packages each with their own benefits. These packages are based on a 12 month agreement. Spitfire Poly Media (Pty) Ltd will in no way be held liable for any wrongly interrupted information, it will be the clients responsibility to ensure that all information is put into writing and confirmed. It will also be the clients responsibility to ensure that he or she fully understands all the terms & conditions prior to signing up. All queries must be put into writing so we are able to respond to any queries. This must be handled prior to signing up. Once this agreement has been approved in writing, via voice note or a signed approval, the approval will be seen as final and the contracts terms & conditions will activate and be binding. Please note, Spitfire Poly Media is website content creators and designers, with the ability to offer limited technical support. Technical support can be offered in the form of remote access log in or advise. We can not be held liable for email problems, and technical errors that occur on a local machine, for this we can only but make a recommendation.


Spitfire Poly Media (Pty) Ltd in partnership with Google hosting services provides a website and email hosting platform to all its partners and is bound by Google’s License and trade agreements. As per the trade agreements, all websites hosted by Spitfire Poly Media( Pty) Ltd must be settled before the last day of the month. The last day of the Month refers to the 30th or 31st of the current month. All invoices will be sent out via email on the 20th of each month followed by a secondary follow-up email on the 25th of that current month. This is to ensure that everybody receives their invoices in their emails promptly. Email reports are set to send feedback regarding delivery and opened mails. Please note, that payments can not be made on the 30th or 31st of a month as a 3rd party provider will suspend service. As a result the website will be on hold until such payment has been made. Please note that website service may also be suspended if you made payment. Please note, that Spitfire poly Media ( Pty) Ltd will in no way be held liable for service suspension and operations not working because of bad payments or payment queries where inv numbers and company details were not used. All payments made must have a valid invoice number as a reference as well as the company name. Payment must please be made into the correct bank account as the correct details are allocated at the bottom left corner of the invoice. Service may be suspended due to bad reference numbers or payments that have gone into the incorrect bank account. number. Spitfire Poly Media( Pty) Ltd will not be held liable for such suspensions it will be the client’s responsibility to ensure that payments are made on time and that all details relating to that payment reflects as it should so accounts are able to allocate your payment to the correct invoice. In such an event where payments were made and invoice numbers or references are not used or badly used, it will be the client’s responsibility to recon the account and come back to us with a solution. Spitfire Poly Media(Pty) Ltd will in no way allocate recon services to prove that a client has paid. If a client’s reference number does not correspond to the inv number, service could be suspended until the account has been settled or allocation was made.


Late payments must be communicated to the team and should ample notice be given Spitfire Poly Media (Pty) Ltd will assist where possible to ensure his or her client enjoys great service without suspension. In some instances where no communication via email has been received by our admin team, Spitfire Poly Media( Pty) Ltd reserves the right to switch these sites to a paused state.


We install a free Site Security plug-in that helps to secure your website against malicious attacks and hackers. Because the plug-in is free, the features are limited and we cannot guarantee that your site can’t be hacked or infected. To prevent this from happening, this plug-in has a Premium upgrade option that offers greater security and real-time security. If you wish to have this option enabled, please enquire with us as to the costs involved. Should you opt for the free version, it should be noted that if your site does get hacked or infected with malware, Spitfire Poly Media ( Pty) Ltd, its partners, or the server host, cannot be held liable for any damages, loss of income or downtime. Any additional costs incurred to regain the site or to clean up the site will be for the client’s own account. Should a rebuild of the site be required, Spitfire Poly Media ( Pty) Ltd will invoice the client for that service, separately from the agreement fee.

From time to time the server hosts will do maintenance on the server. When this happens the website will be offline. Please note that we have no control over this process and we cannot be held responsible for any downtime if this happens. We get notified on very short notice of such events and we will do our best to inform our clients as soon as we can.


It should be clearly stated and understood that Spitfire Poly Media ( Pty) Ltd and all its partners cannot be held liable if a web server goes down, crashes, or stops working due to factors outside of Spitfire Poly Media or their partners’ control. Spitfire Poly Media ( Pty) Ltd and its partners rents servers from a 3rd party supplier, has no physical access to the server/s and as such, no liability for any downtime on the server will be taken by us or our partners. In the event that a server crashes beyond repair, the server hosting providers will be responsible for recovering what information there is and installing it on a new server. Although Spitfire Poly Media ( Pty) Ltd does backups of all our sites once completed, the option to back up your website on a daily basis is available at an additional cost.


We include a set amount of maintenance hours per month with every package and after those hours have been used, we charge a fee of R199 per hour. The free hours only come into effect after the website has been made live. Any additional hours or fees will be discussed with the client prior to initiating the work. Should we bill you additionally for maintenance or work outside of the scope of the agreement, we work on the principle of “anything in an hour, is an hour”. In other words, if we spend 10 minutes on a task, you will still be billed as if it was an hour. If a task takes 1 hour and 30 minutes, we will bill 2 hours, etc.

3rd Party access to the WP-admin area: We don’t allow 3rd party access to a client’s admin area of the website but should the client give us permission to do so, it should be noted that Spitfire Poly Media ( Pty) Ltd will in no way, shape or form be held responsible for any actions such a 3rd party takes on the website. If a 3rd party damages something in the admin area, we will quote the client on repairing such damages. Should a 3rd party take any malicious actions on the site or in the admin area, or compromise the security of the site due to their actions, Spitfire Multimedia will take no responsibility. Permission for a 3rd party to access the admin


Spitfire Poly Media (Pty) Ltd Offer 5 different website packages each with its own benefits. Each package will have the first month as an upfront payment. Packages include benefits such as email hosting, website hosting, website build and design, support, maintenance and much more. Spitfire Poly Media (Pty) Ltd will register any new site and host them as an all-inclusive solution base on all monthly contracts. OUTRIGHT: Please note, that all outright clients will have to host their own websites. If they don’t have a hosting company we can recommend that they use Cybersmart.

Spitfire Poly Media (Pty) Ltd have the ability to get any pre-existing website transferred and this process may take up to 48 hours to complete. Spitfire Poly Media (Pty) Ltd will in no way be held liable for any loss of data during this process it will be the client’s responsibility to ensure that backups have been done. Once a website is in our control, billing will be implemented immediately whether the website is live or not as hosting space and support services are operating at full capacity in the background and space rented needs to be paid for. It will be the client’s responsibility to get all the information need to us as quickly as possible. Spitfire Poly Media (Pty) Ltd will not be held liable for any billing issues due to a delay in information from the client’s side. Once a client comes over to us they have up to 48 hours to get all the relevant information to our head of design in order for us to complete the website in a timely manner. A site with a .com .net .online or any other address that does not end in a might attract a transfer fee of R250 -R650 and Spitfire Poly Media (Pty) Ltd will bill this amount to the client’s account.

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