General Terms

  1. Daily operations
  2. Website Terms & Conditions
  3. Refunds
  4. Branded Items
  5. Artwork
  6. Refunds
  7. Shipping

1) Daily operation

 - Disclaimers

1.1) Pricing: Although we make every effort to maintain consistent pricing, there is a possibility that prices may increase unexpectedly. As a result of the dynamic nature of our enterprise, every price is susceptible to modification without prior notification.

1.2) Images & Products: While every effort is made to showcase our products in an aesthetically pleasing manner, the images are merely for visual representation and are susceptible to alteration or colour variation when viewed on various devices. Please be advised that by completing a purchase transaction, you are agreeing to all the terms and conditions.

2.) Website Terms and Conditions

Price fluctuations are inevitable on our website due to the diverse range of suppliers and the dynamic nature of our business. Such adjustments may be made without prior notification. For stock to be secured, immediate payment is required. Logged-out orders will not be confirmed, and the accumulation of loyalty points cannot take place until full payment is received. The client automatically accepts all terms and conditions upon receipt of payment; the order will then be considered acknowledged. Spitfire Multimedia has effectively incorporated a WhatsApp support desk to provide customer assistance and resolution of product-related enquiries. This help desk is staffed by actual people, not automated systems. It should be noted that the support chat operates as a chat-only platform and does not accept phone communications. It is important to acknowledge that Spitfire Multimedia and its employees shall not bear any liability for any type of loss or damage. The customer is solely responsible for ensuring that all information is provided in writing and verified by a member of our staff or the support desk. Spitfire Multimedia makes every effort to assist each client; however, due to the volume of daily traffic and the nature of our business, please allow a maximum of 24 hours for a response from one of our support staff. Kindly be informed that should you proceed with the activity only to discover that it was fraudulent, Spitfire Multimedia shall not bear any responsibility for any refunds, losses, or damages. Spitfire Multimedia is committed to ethical business practices; therefore, if you have any questions before purchasing on our website, please contact a member of our team or the support hotline. 2.2) Loyalty points: In recognition of its clients' continued patronage, Spitfire Multimedia has established a loyalty programme. Spitfire Multimedia reserves the right to revoke these points, which are redeemable for gifts and discounts, at any time if it suspects fraudulent activity or detects system manipulation. Points removal constitutes no liability on the part of Spitfire Multimedia for any loss or damage; points may be removed at any time, and Spitfire Multimedia reserves the right to do so. Despite not being obligated to do so, Spitfire Multimedia will make every effort to reinstate all forfeited points in the event of a website failure beyond our control.

3.) Refunds

Spitfire Multimedia maintains a transparent refund policy and makes every effort to process refund requests promptly. Refunds are issued upon fulfilment of all order-related conditions. Refunds may be processed up to forty-eight hours following the return of the items. When the returned item satisfies all Quality Control criteria, a refund will be issued within forty-eight hours. Please note that Spitfire Multimedia is a FNB customer; therefore, if you use a different bank, you can anticipate a delay in receiving those funds. Please be informed that Payfast is the payment partner of Spitfire Multimedia. This platform is provided by a third party, and Spitfire Multimedia is not liable in any way for any loss or injury that may result from its use. Even though Spitfire will consistently provide assistance and resolve issues, it cannot be held accountable for the errors or technological malfunctions of third-party payment providers. Please be advised that Payfast assesses a 5% administration fee for returns; therefore, your refund will be -5%, as this 5% is not deducted from the total price paid for your order. By completing a purchase transaction, you automatically acknowledge these terms. Refunds shall be issued after receipt of confirmation regarding the return, ensuring that it satisfies all stipulated terms and conditions. If any of the returned items fail to satisfy the quality control standard, refunds may be withheld.

4.) Branded Items

Please keep in mind that Spitfire Multimedia sells branded things on its website, however, all branded items will be quoted on a case-by-case basis. Please keep in mind that before placing any branded order, artwork approval must be obtained in writing. This includes any platform where written approval can be given. Written approval might be as simple as a thumbs-up emoji, or the word Go. Spitfire Multimedia recommends that all approvals be indicated to avoid disappointment.

Please keep in mind that some branded things, such as business cards and display items, necessitate the creation of artwork by a graphic designer. Templates will be offered, but Spitfire Multimedia accepts no responsibility for any artwork that is not done by a professional that understands branding work, thus we strongly advise all clients to employ our services to ensure a great outcome every time. If you are not skilled in branding or any other branding method, please contact one of our staff members; they are always willing to assist and provide expert guidance.

Payment: Please keep in mind that we do not accept 50% down payments. Deposits are accepted to secure your stock, however the remaining 50% is payable upon artwork approval. Please keep in mind that once the 50% deposit is received, the order cannot be cancelled because the funds have been transferred to manufacturing or the supplier of the branded items. Please keep in mind that no refunds will be issued once the 50% deposit has been paid, as all terms and conditions were agreed once payment for the purchase was completed. Making a payment on any order indicates that you are satisfied with the product, have approved the order, and wish to proceed. Spitfire Multimedia shall not be held liable for any loss or damage once approved.  



5.) Artwork

Every product displayed on our website is devoid of any branding or artistic design. Although our design department may create artwork, it is not included in our fees. All artwork must be submitted as Vector PDF files or in the format specified in our template. If a vector file is not provided, Spitfire Multimedia will advise the client of our refusal to accept the file..

  • .JPEG Formats •.BMP Formats •.PS Format • Word, • PowerPoint, • Canva

(or any other file format exported to PDF from a free online design program)

Only Adobe Illustrator and Coral Draw files are accepted. Raw or exported files from these two platforms to PDF are accepted. This ensures we rule out design errors and receive quality artwork that ensures a higher-quality print. Please note that all artwork for display products must be created by one of our in-house designers or a designer using our design templates. Please note that while every effort has been made to notify the customer of any design errors, it is the customer's responsibility to double-check the artwork for accuracy. If the artwork has been approved, Spitfire Multimedia will not be held accountable for any misspellings or other errors. The customer is responsible for reading all the red text on the artwork approval document to ensure that they address all the design department's concerns with the artwork file. Please be advised that our agent is available via our WhatsApp support desk should you have any design queries or if you wish to make any modifications to the Artwork. Spitfire Multimedia will not be held responsible for any missed deadlines resulting from artwork delays or customers using their designers, thereby delaying the production process. Please note that our production lead time after artwork approval is five to seven working days. It will be the customer's responsibility to ensure that adequate time is allocated to produce their project. Spitfire Multimedia will not accept any rush orders unless we have been informed and accepted in writing that we will be able to deliver on short notice.

6.) Refunds

Please note that all refunds require the following:

  • A banking confirmation letter to eliminate the possibility of fraud and theft.
  • Your invoice number and invoice
  • Approval from quality control stating that the returned item(s) meets all the required Criteria and is in an acceptable condition.

Please send all refund documentation to Refunds may take up to 3 business days to process, as all returns are subjected to quality control and are only processed after receiving approval. Upon approval of the refund, the refund will be made back into the client's account. Please note that the refund will be made via our Payfast platform. This attracts banking charges that are not included in the original price. All refunds will be done via Payfast and your purchase on the website approves this term. Once payment is made on your order all terms & conditions will activate. Please note that a refund can be subject to a 10% handling fee, item deductions (if a product was lost or damaged), and or commissions depending on the transaction details. The client hereby agrees that Spitfire Multimedia reserves the right to these deductions at any given time or place.

7.) Shipping

Spitfire Multimedia uses a 3rd party courier service. The customer will receive a notification from our courier “the Courier guy as soon as a product is collected. The customer is responsible for notifying Spitfire Multimedia via email at if a product does not arrive or arrives damaged. Spitfire Multimedia has no control over the items after shipment due to the nature of this service. Please be advised that Spitfire Multimedia will not be held responsible for any missed deadlines or losses, as courier services are subject to the following:

  • Unplanned strikes
  • Electrical failures that disable tracking systems.
  • Loadshedding
  • Carjacking
  • Theft and additional elements

Although every effort is made to keep customers apprised of such occurrences, circumstances that impact our service delivery may change at any time. As a result of these conditions in South Africa, Spitfire Multimedia cannot be held liable for any service interruptions, product loss, or financial losses after the courier has picked up the product. Customers are welcome to bring complaints to the attention of the courier companies, and assistance will be offered whenever possible.