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Terms and conditions

Terms & Conditions

Spitfire Multimedia (Pty) Ltd is a trade-represented company and will not be held liable for any miss interpreted information, and will in no way be held liable for any mistakes during the design phase.

It will be the client’s responsibility to ensure that he or she understands the product they are purchasing and that they are making a purchase based on that condition(s). All communication must be in writing. Once a purchase is made on a design no refunds will be done. Spitfire Multimedia (Pty) Ltd will in no way be held liable for any mistake(s) including spelling & grammar during the design phase, it will be the client’s responsibility to ensure that everything is correct. All information regarding the project, for example, Pantone or colours required, should be supplied or should be indicated in writing. Should a mistake be made and changes were not requested in writing, the liability will fall on the client.

Spitfire Multimedia (Pty) Ltd recommends that the client hires a professional grammar and spell checker, to approve all work before approvals and production. Spitfire Multimedia (Pty) Ltd is hired to design not to check spelling or grammar, hence it will be important for each client to check their work before accepting the project. Once the project is accepted any additional work on that project will be billed. All correction(s) with a design must be reported within 8 hours of receipt, after which this project will automatically be seen as acceptable.

Changes: What is a change and why am I allowed only one? A change in the designing world is seen as multiple changes made all in one go. For example, you would like to change the font on your logo and the colour and maybe instead of an airplane you would like a train or maybe have a train, but have him move upwards or downwards. This is all seen as 1 change as long as it is all in writing and we can do all the changes in one go. Once all those changes are made the project will be completed. If additional changes are requested after all the changes have been made the additional changes will be billed per change.

Clothing:  Terms & Conditions

Showroom & Fitting:   All clothing items have a set clothing size chart, that can be requested from a customer service representative (021 012 5541 or drop us an email Spitfire Multimedia (Pty) Ltd has showrooms available nationwide where clothing items can be viewed before making a purchase online or with a representative. Spitfire Multimedia (Pty)Ltd recommends that all items should be viewed before purchase. Spitfire Multimedia (Pty)Ltd also has a fitting option. The fitting cannot be done at a local showroom. If a fitting kit is required, an order will be processed for the required items. Once payment is received the fitting kit will be released. Fitting kits have a standard lead time of 3 working days from a local branch and 3 working days shipped nationwide.

(**See shipping terms and conditions.)  ** A standard fitting kit includes a Small, Large, and 2XL**.  If a client requires any other sizes, he or she needs to request additional sizes in writing. Spitfire Multimedia (Pty) Ltd will process the order accordingly. Once the items have been returned as per the return policy credit will be done as per the refund policy. If the item(s) have not been viewed or fitted, and purchases have been made, then it will be at the client’s own risk. This may influence the return and refund policy.  All fitting kits will be refunded and shown as a credit on the user’s account and a refund can only be done if the clothing has followed all the return policy’s procedures should all the terms & conditions and procedures be followed.

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