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Refund & Return policy:

Return policy:  All clothing items, can be returned to Spitfire Multimedia (Pty) Ltd for a credit on the user’s account. All clothing items must be returned in their original packaging and have all labels and loose items included. Please note, that all returns must be done to the main warehouse in JHB within 7 working days from receipt. Refunds may be withheld and processed as credit if this process was not followed. It will be the client’s responsibility to return the fitting kit to the main warehouse in JHB via Courier and the waybill of return should be sent to to prevent the 7 working days rules from activating. If a client does not have a courier service Spitfire Multimedia (Pty) Ltd can provide this service at a cost to the client’s account. Please note that this needs to be indicated 2 days before the 7-day deadline. All indication must be placed in writing and mailed to our mail address. If we have received no communication from the client on how the return will be done or when the conditions of the 7 days return policy will be activated. Please note, that Spitfire Multimedia (Pty) Adheres to the COVID -19 Rules and regulations and due to these regulations, clothing returns are limited to terms and conditions to prevent the spread of the virus and keep our people safe.

Refund(s) Policy: Refunds will only be done if a client has followed all the rules and regulations and quality control is happy with the condition(s) in which the item(s) have been returned. Please note that if a client has not fitted nor viewed the item before his or her purchase that this will be for his or her own risk. In these cases, once returned (T’s & c’s apply) a store credit will be processed so they can purchase something else.  Also please note, the 7-day rule applies. If a client failed to return the item(s) in 7 working days the refund may be withheld and proceed as store credit and commissions may influence the credit amount. Store credit can be used on any other item(s). Also, please note that items under R40 will not be eligible for a refund, and items such as this will be replaced or credited and sent to a local branch from the collection. Please note, that courier costs cannot be refunded and if the clothing return was accepted, but the 7-day rule has been broken, commissions would also affect the refund amount. Refunds are done once a week on a Friday. To qualify for a refund on a Friday you must present Spitfire Multimedia (Pty) with an original stamped bank letter (not electronic) and your original invoice, before noon on a Thursday in the afternoon. Refunds will only be done once quality control has given us the go-ahead and the credit has been processed. This process can be instant on some occasions, but can also take up to 14 working days due to the workload and safety regulation with regards to handling clothing items that have been returned. Covid -19 health and safety regulations apply.

Please note, if you present Spitfire Multimedia (Pty)Ltd with all documentation on a Thursday 12’ o clock and approval was not given from quality control a refund may be withheld until such time where we have approval and credit has been allocated.

Damaged Goods: Damaged goods must be reported within 8 hours of receipt otherwise they will be seen as acceptable. Damaged goods must be reported via Spitfire Multimedia (Pty) Ltd support email and have pictures with a date and time present. In these cases, Spitfire Multimedia (Pty) Ltd will send a courier to collect the item(s). Once the item(s) have been clear at quality control and credit has been allocated, a refund will be processed. Please note that commissions may apply. Also please note, any item(s) under R40 will not be refunded but a store credit will be processed. These items can either be replaced or any other item can be selected. These items as standard will be sent down to a local branch for collection. If a courier is required this service will be for the client’s account. Once payment for the service clears in our account the delivery will be booked. Please note that all terms & conditions apply.

Branded Items: Branded items also have a return policy and may be returned if all the conditions have been met. Spitfire’ Multimedia (Pty) Ltd will not be held liable for any mistakes, spelling, or any other condition that might alter the required outcomes of a branding project. It will be the client’s responsibility to ensure that all changes are put into writing and emailed to If a client has a specific colour code or Pantone in his or her logo it must be placed in writing and mailed to our support email at info. Spitfire Multimedia (Pty)Ltd requires a logo in a high-definition (300 dpi) designer’s PDF format. If a logo is presented to us in any other format, it will be at the client’s own risk. Refunds on branded items will only apply if the damaged or rejected item has been reported within 8 hours of receipt, and carries the necessary evidence and documentation. Please note, for the credit or refund policy to activate the items must be returned to JHB for quality control and go through the inspection process. Once all of these conditions are accepted and approved the credit or replacement item(s) will be processed. Please note that any item below R40 will not be refunded, it will not be replaced, just credited. Credit once again can only be done once all the evidence and required documentation is seen and approved. Once an agreement has been reached that Spitfire will be replacing the item(s) a refund cannot be processed during any stage of the transaction. These items may have a turnaround time of up to 21 working days due to production time schedules and workload. Covid-19 safety rules and regulations apply. Please note, all items are placed onto a production line and deadlines on each project are allocated to that project’s timeline. We are not able to push in a replacement order(s) before any other order as this will delay the time schedules. Please allow ample time to receive your replacement. This can happen instantly or may take time but it’s subject to availability on the line. Items that are approved will not be refunded and also please note that the branding item terms & Conditions are the same as the above refund policy and must have all conditions present to receive a refund.

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